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About Us

Dear Visitor,

Rufus and George – Private Office work for businesses and individuals to make tailored, appropriate and valuable introductions to a variety of service and product providers.  We maintain and nurture strong relationships with tax advisors, trust companies, funds, finance providers and property firms to ensure we are always close to the best opportunities for when a client has a need.

We also try to seek out other opportunities for our clients making the best use of the social season and London’s better destinations for day and night.  We pride ourselves on being the only firm in London with both an in-house tailor and vicar. Whether your need is financial, sartorial, social or spiritual; we are here to help.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not a regulated firm and we do not give financial, tax, or legal advice.  We know many clever people who do that much better than we ever could.

Have a great day,

Ben Hawkes & Scott Williams

Rufus & George – Private Office

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